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I'm Yasmin Morgan

Computational artist




Who am I exactly?

I'm a human who makes digital entities and future worlds that don't exist (yet). I try to make sense of our world of pixels and soft-ware, rebuilding and unknowing AI with independent research & experiments. I use motion and creative code to design immersive experiences.

I explore ‘artificial intimacy’and our willingness for virtual companionship and connection in today’s networked world. Crafting stories with non-human intelligence really excites me.

Previously, I was the AI Tooling lead for AIxDesign, a community that is working to make AI accessible and playful as well as interrogate the mythologies surrounding this emerging field here

I was a UX/UI designer for SERVICE, an app-based research project building a social support platform for older adults.

When I'm not thinking about technology, you can find me cycling,skateboarding with MSGP and playing footy with Baesianz FC.

If you have an exciting project that could use my help, get in touch:

Client Work

!!This section is under construction!!

Buse Cetin's website

Branding & web design, AI generated illustrations

Modular Extraction

2022, Augmented Reality, Blender


3D animation of health app

Karimah Hassan

Animation of a gold linoprint

Recent Works

Modular Extraction

2022, Augmented Reality, Blender

Queering The Machine Eye

2022, glitch feminism, art critique


2022-ongoing, Design lead, AI Tooling Lead

Smthng Beautiful

2022, poetry, styleGAN, Blender

Facing Prudence

2022, Sustainable Fashion, Blender, Marvelous Designer

Amorphous Butterfly

2021 - Speculative AI - charRNN - ml5.js

Artificial Intimacy

2021, social AI, chatbots, art critique

Batik Matrix

2020, datafication of culture, styleGAN, openFrameworks

postHuman Koan

2020, Machine-mediated mythos, charRNN, poseNet

in-grid collective

2020 residency with Arebyte, workshops, speculative storytelling

Troubling the Automated Gaze

2019, data gaze, machine vision, art critique

What is The Colour of Water?

2019, digital aesthetics, hellblau, art critique

Circle App

UI/UX and user research

The Art Columnist

Indesign and illustration of cover for print zine

DJ Mixes

Djing at Dalston Superstore & other venues