Facing Prudence (2022)

Facing Prudence is a digital 3D animation that has been created in collaboration with fashion designer Jemma Battaglia

Facing Prudence is an abstract communication of Battaglia's research in an effort to show the entropy of the knowledge of ‘Defuturing’ and the unknowing of system change needed to move the planet out of the Capitalocene epoch.

This was my first time creating a garment in Marvelous Designer. It was a big challenge because Jemma wanted the figure to run in different directions, symbolising the past, present and future.

facing prudence garment in Marvelous Designer

I used Mixamo, an online tool for loading character animations onto a rigged model.

The most challenging part of this project was combining the Mixamo animations in Blender, I had to copy the animations using the NLA editor but it was very time consuming. In some sections, I ended up using clones of the same model with different animations and cut the scene with different camera angles.

purple garment in Blender

Final animation

First test with simple cloth simulated with Marvelous Designer + Mixamo animation in Blender

facing prudence garment in Marvelous Designer

Jemma wanted the animation to be set in central London, where one of the UAL campuses are. There were no HDRIs available online, so I used google street view to generate a 360 image.